Investing in the next generation of AdTech & Digital

Secular tailwinds bring tremendous sector opportunities to grow and evolve

Who We Are

Industry Insiders

Our experience in building startups from scratch allows us to understand and operate in this difficult and messy earliest stage – we know AdTech from the roots.


We have built an incredibly powerful and widespread network of advertising industry specialists, operators and investors capable of supporting our portfolio companies and provide a fantastic source of potential deal flow.


We focus on early-stage companies with unique technologies that provide a competitive advantage. Proven business models with either revenue or user traction and a clear path to revenue growth.

Worldwide Network

We connect the amazing capabilities of our network of mentors and investors with our founders to shape and grow their businesses. This network critically ties learning and capital together.

We get access to some of the best founders and are laser-focused on scaling startups into the next US$ 100M+ platforms.


Building Portfolio Ecosystem

We Aim for Synergy

AdTech Platforms

Ad Exchange, DSP, SSP, DMP, Inventory Management Platform, Ad network.

Content Driven Mobile Apps

New technologies allow more people to create content. Advertisers are looking to take advantage of this fundamental revolution.

Advertising Agencies

Advertising agencies play a crucial role in the AdTech ecosystem.

Data analytics & aggregators

We are looking for solutions that allow gather of data and analysis to increase the efficiency of marketing campaigns.

Content Delivering Platforms

CDPs allow companies to provide unique solutions allowing publishers to create content and release it quickly and easily. 


We are always on the lookout for solutions that help to increase marketing efficiency.

Financing Rounds

Seed Rounds

We are looking for an industry disruptive technologies and/or proven business models being executed properly.

Given the early stage at which we invest, the people behind the vision play a key role in our investment decision. The founders we back come with various backgrounds and levels of experience but they need to demonstrate a clear ambition as well as an ability to execute and build a strong team around them.

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Series A Rounds

We are looking for fast-growing companies in AdTech and Media space with a proven business model that is profitable or in the case of extremely fast-growing companies with a clear path to profitability in the near future. 

People behind these companies play a crucial role in our investment decision. They have to demonstrate passion, adaptability, integrity, and vision to take their companies to another level.

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The Team

People who want to make a difference investing in the future

Alex Kapralov

Over 10 years of experience as an entrepreneur in AdTech. Areas of business interests are Tech, Investments, Advertising.

Leon Gurevich

Leon brings more than a decade of senior and international digital media experience. Served as senior executive in the largest AdTech & Digital companies.

Anton Konovalov

Anton brings years of experience working in a leading wealth management firm.

Sergei Gorlovetsky

Sergei is a technology executive with focus on digital marketing, financial and real-estate industries. 20 years of experience in leading banks and insurance companies.


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Address: 7191 Yonge St, Suite 812, 8th floor, Toronto, ON, Canada, L3T 0C4

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